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Today, senior executives, busy professionals and creative entrepreneurs need to manage an unprecedented range of competing demands across their personal and professional lives.  The pressure is relentless, and the old boundaries between work and private life have become increasingly blurred.

Career success can come at a high cost. Work pressures can have serious impacts on mental health, family relationships and physical well-being. Travel and work schedules can undermine marriages/partnerships and parenting.

Conversely, some executives find that their hard-earned career success is threatened by aspects of their private lives, such as relationship problems, mental and physical health challenges or carer responsibilities.


Many professionals risk burning out, experiencing family breakdown or ill health. Some successful people work hard to achieve excellence yet still feel that something is missing in their lives.

Ekstedt Consulting can help.

When might you need Ekstedt Consulting?

Ekstedt Consulting is a specialist coaching and counselling practice, dedicated to the unique needs of high-performing senior leaders. You may benefit from our services if you are experiencing:

  • Professional performance issues that emerge in response to stress, such as procrastination, perfectionism, micro-managing or difficulty delegating, avoiding difficult conversations, and/or problems maintaining professional boundaries/relationships

  • Personal issues such as grief, marriage/relationship changes, parenting, carer responsibilities, illness, etc. in the unique context of holding a senior leadership position

  • A sense of being burnt out or overwhelmed by work stresses and a need to regain control over your work and/or personal responsibilities

  • A desire to consult confidentially with a highly trained and experienced expert in leadership, especially with regard to sensitive topics such as succession planning, exit strategies, board and team dynamics, personal motivation levels, stakeholder engagement, etc.

  • A career transition such as a promotion, restructure or redundancy

  • A period of rapid business growth that leaves you feeling exhausted or demotivated

  • Unwanted changes in sleeping, eating, mood, weight or drug/alcohol use in response to stresses from your work or personal life

  • A feeling that something is missing in your life, despite your career and personal successes

  • Relationship and/or parenting problems due to your heavy work responsibilities and/or schedule

  • Intersecting work and personal problems that make each other worse

  • Negative feedback about your behaviour that is seen as abrasive or bullying

  • Unproductive conflict with staff, colleagues, board members, partners, suppliers or family

  • A realisation that you need to proactively stay on top of all aspects of your professional and personal well-being to prevent problems from developing

  • A need to strengthen or deepen your relationships with business partners, suppliers, colleagues, staff or stakeholders

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