Coaching is the core service provided by Ekstedt Consulting. This typically involves one-on-one sessions conducted by practice principal Pete Ekstedt. Depending on the individual needs of the client, the process may also involve individual, couples, family or group coaching and/or counselling sessions.


Pete Ekstedt is an award-winning educator and organisational communications professional. He is available to provide expert facilitation of group workshops, meetings, training sessions, and panel discussions. His unique combination of skills ensures that all stakeholders/participants are able to engage openly, honestly and effectively. Previous topics have included: organisational changes; workplace culture; cross-cultural communication; creativity & entrepreneurship; board & management team dynamics; crisis management; leadership transitions; business ethics; emotional intelligence; fostering partnerships and networks based on trust.


Pete Ekstedt is an entertaining, thought-provoking and experienced speaker. He is available to speak at conferences, public events, fundraisers and with the media on subjects including: counselling; mental health; resilience; work-life balance; parenting; corporate social responsibility; rural communities; youth & young adults; volunteering. 

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